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Licensing Information and school pricing

Licenses for our online subscription products (KidsSoup Resource Library, ABC Twiggles Program, and Story Twiggles) are available in the form of single user or multi-user school licenses. Volume pricing is available for multi-user school licenses of 5 or more.

For single user licenses, the materials printed from the KidsSoup member site may be duplicated for use in a home or in a single classroom and may be sent home with students enrolled in that specific classroom. The materials may not be shared with colleagues or friends, or used throughout an entire school or school district, unless each classroom teacher within such school or school district has obtained a subscription to the KidsSoup site.

For multiple user licenses, the materials printed from the KidsSoup site may be duplicated for use only in the number of classrooms corresponding to the number of users in the license and may be sent home with students enrolled in those specific classrooms. The materials may not be shared with colleagues or friends, or used throughout an entire school or school district, unless each classroom teacher within such school or school district has obtained a subscription to the KidsSoup site.

Multi-user school licenses are configured by setting the license count when the online subscription is added to the cart or by adjusting the quantity field for the product if the product is already in your shoping cart.

Volume Pricing is automatically calculated during the checkout process when a combined total of 5 or more licenses are purchased. A 5% volume discount is applied to  purchases of 5 to 9 licenses. A 10% volume pricing is applied to purchases of 10 or more licenses. Please contact our sales group at customerservice@kidssoup.com or (858) 756-8644 if you are purchasing more than 20 licenses so that we can provide a higher discount.


By Natalie Benson on

This website along with abctwiggles has been very beneficial and a great supplement for Harcourt. I have shared these two sites with many colleagues because they are great!

By Dawn Cianci on

I enjoyed using your program during the duration of my teaching!

It was extremely helpful in preparing lesson plans and giving fun and motivating ideas for my students. If I return in any capacity as a teacher I will re-enroll.

By Sandi Luzier on

KidsSoup and ABC Twiggles meet all of our needs - more than some very expensive curriculums. We really love it. Great job.

Elizabeth Moreno
The Banner School

By Brenda Sullivan on

Thank you for the wonderful resource I used for years!

By Lisa Scavuzzo on

I use your site a lot , and I love it !

By Joanne Terry on

I really love both of your websites they are done extremely well. Thank you for all your expertise and sharing it with your members!

By Sarah Blackmon on

These two sites have been an invaluable resource for my two preschool teachers!

By Bettie Nigro on

I have used the KidSoup site for many years.
I thank you very much for helping me achieve being a better preschool teacher and for all your awesome ideas and simple steps!
I will refer your site to any one in need of a awesome preschool program.

By Mary Hammond on

I love both websites! Thank you for all of your hard work to bring such great resources to teachers!
Mary Hammond

By Kaitlin Fraser on

What wonderful service and I do just love kidssoup! Keep up the great work.
Kaitlin Potter

By Kellie Blevins on

These sites were amazing and had served their purpose very well for me!

By Libbi harding on

Your website was a wonderful source whilst I was a preschool teacher!

By chudinglee@yaho... on

very useful

By Annie Reeder on

Just wanted to say, I have truly enjoyed KidsSoup!

By Marilyn Stokes on

Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration.

By Barbara Crago on

Thank you. Absolutely love your site.

By Barbara Crago on

Thank you. Absolutely love your site.

By Anita Little on

Thank you!!!!! i used and enjoyed the material immensely. it was very useful for my theme preparation and some of my co-workers joined the group after i mentioned the site to them. and they are enjoying it also.

By Joann McCarthy on

I have really found this website to be one of the best and most useful. I want to continue using your awesome ideas. It saves me the time of researching the info for my units. Thank you!

By Debbie Klinger on

I absolutely LOVE this subscription and intend to keep it for many years!

By Michele Conkle on

I would like to say thank you for all of the valuable resources you provided, what an awesome educational tool!

By joy knauff on

My kindergarten kids love your site!

By Abigail Hartman on

I really enjoy the wide selection of topics and that it is up to standards for teaching young children.

By Betty Ribaudo on

The resources provided wonderful reinforcement for a multitude of concepts that I covered in my kindergarten curriculum with fun activities the children enjoyed.

Best wishes to you for continued success!
Betty Ribaudo

By Judy Boyd on

I've been doing family child care and preschool for 30 years and LOVE the Kidssoup and ABC Twiggles programs. Couldn't live without it. Thank YOU!

By Margaret Callinan on

Your website is fabulous. For the past three years I taught nursery school and your websites were time savers. There are so many good ideas and patterns to excute the projects.

By Katie Keane on


I just wanted to say I appreciate your company's practice of sending an email to let a customer know that the automatic renewal system is going to charge your account in the near future. So many companies nowadays do not provide that courtesy and just automatically renew.

By Karen Brand on

I use your website all the time. Thank you for the great ideas and resources!

-Karen Brand

By Barbara Fahey on

Yup! I love KidSoup and Twiggles!

By Wilma Sweeney on

Thanks so much for the help AND the wonderful product.

By Sheri Scheurer on

Thank you so much! Btw, I love your website

By Barbara Mruk on

Just wanted you to know that it was the most helpful site ever!!!! I will definitely re-subscribe if I go back to teaching preschool.

By Elisha Thompson on

I really appreciate the many resources that KidsSoup is offering! It makes my job as a Pre-K Teacher who has to think quickly on my feet easier to give my students what I have to offer! Thank you for helping me to shine even more for my students and parents!

By Rose Loveless on

ABC Twiggle is fantastic. I have been on the computer all morning looking through the site. I love the way it uses the Kids soup also. If a person can not find information to teach he is not trying. These two sites are just what I need. Thank you so much, I am ready to have fun with my children in family daycare.