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Purchase with Purchase Order

Receipt for my purchase

Automatic Renewal

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Question: I'm interested in your resources but would like to try the site first. What do I need to do?


If you are interested in our ABC Twiggles membership, please go to www.abctwiggles.com/letter/A for a free preview of all resources for the letter A. All the other letters will have the same type and number of resources.

If you are interested in our KidsSoup Resource Library membership and all its over 9,000 resources, you will need to purchase a subscription. We offer samples of our themes and resources on www.kidssoup.com. Click here to purchase your subscription.  No refunds are available for the KidsSoup Resource Library after purchase.

Pay per Purchase Order

Question: Can I pay per check or Purchase Order?

Answer: Yes! We accept checks and purchase orders. Please follow our check payment instructions.

Receipt for my purchase

Question: How can I get an invoice?

Answer: To view and print an invoice, click on Log in or My account and click on the order number. Use the "Invoice" link to download a copy of your invoice in PDF format.



To be able to view and print our PDF files, you will need to have the newest version of Adobe Acrobat installed. Please use the following link to download the newest Adobe Acrobat Reader:


PDF file won't open or print

If you have problems viewing or printing some of the files, then there is a problem between your Internet browser and the Adobe Acrobat program that is installed on your computer. Please try to use the Google Chrome Internet browser. Chrome seems to have less problems viewing and printing high quality PDF files. Go to https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/ to download the browser. That should fix the issue.

Still having Printing Problems with Adobe Acrobat? Please read this:

It is possible that when attempting to print some of our printables you will receive the following error message:
The document could not be printed
There were no pages selected to print

If you experience this problem, you need to repair your Acrobat Reader installation using these steps:

1. Launch Adobe Reader (Start | All Programs | Adobe Reader).
2. In the Adobe Reader toolbar click: HELP | Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
3. Click "yes" when asked if you are sure you want to repair the current installation.

We will continue to monitor Adobe’s activity and advice our customers when a permanent solution becomes available.



Problems logging into member sites

Question: I purchased a KidsSoup membership, but I get a message that I am not a member of your site.

Answer: Please contact us immediately so we can look into the issue and activate your account right away. Contact us at: customerservice@kidssoup.com.


Question: I did not receive an e-mail confirmation about my KidsSoup membership purchase and I cannot log in.

Answer: Sometimes the e-mail address is misspelled when our customers sign up for the membership. Please contact us at: customerservice@kidssoup.com and we will be happy to update your account for you.


Automatic Renewal

Question: What is the Automatic Renewal Service?

Answer : The Automatic Renewal Service is a fast and convenient way to maintain access to all the resources offered by the KidsSoup Resource Library and the ABC Twiggles Program by automatically renewing your subscriptions before the expiration date.


Question: How do I know if I am enrolled in Automatic Renewal?

Answer: If you purchase a membership to the KidsSoup Resource Library or the ABC Twiggles member site using a credit card or PayPal, you are automatically enrolled in the Automatic Renewal Service unless you cancel this service.  


Question: What credit card number will be used for the Automatic Renewal?

Answer: Please contact our customer service department at customerservice@kidssoup.com and we will provide this information for you.


Question: When will the Automatic Renewal occur?

Answer: Subscriptions expire one year from the purchase date. If your subscription is purchased using a credit card, your subscription will typically renew 14 days prior to its expiration date. If your subscription is purchased using PayPal, PayPal typically will renew your subscription on your behalf on the expiration date.  


Question: How do I update or use a different credit card for the Automatic Renewal?

Answer : You may change your billing information by purchasing a new subscription. During the checkout process, please login as a returning customer instead of a new customer. In addition, please remember to cancel the Automatic Renewal for your current subscription to avoid attempts by our payment processors to renew your current subscription.


Question: If the Automatic Renewal is processed before my membership expires, will I lose any membership time?

Answer: No – a full 12 months of membership time is credited to your membership once a successful automatic renewal is confirmed.
For example: if you have 14 days of membership time remaining on the day the automatic renewal is processed, you will receive a total of 12 months plus 14 days.


Question:  Will I receive email notification prior to my Automatic Renewal?

Answer : If your membership was purchased using a credit card, our payment processor will send you an e-mail notification 7 days before processing the Automatic Renewal. If your membership was purchased using PayPal, you will not receive notification prior to your renewal as PayPal does not notify customers prior to renewing memberships.


Question: I received an e-mail informing me that KidsSoup is unable to automatically renew my membership due to invalid payment information. What do I do?

Answer : Please visit our secure online store and purchase a new membership. You should also cancel the Automatic Renewal of your current membership to avoid further payment attempts from our payment processor.


Question: What if I purchase a new membership before the Automatic Renewal occurs?

Answer: The new membership will be treated as an additional membership and the Automatic Renewal will be processed unless you cancel it.  Depending on the type (number of users) of each membership, the memberships will combine into the corresponding multi-user membership during the period of overlap. For example, if a One User membership is purchased on January 1st and a One User membership is automatically renewed on January 15th, the memberships will combine into a Two User membership from January 15th to January 1st and then revert back to a One User membership from January 2nd to January15th.

Cancel Membership

Question: How do I cancel the Automatic Renewal Service?

Answer:  If your membership was purchased with PayPal you need to cancel the automatic renewal using the PayPal website.  Please click here for more information.

To cancel the Automatic Renewal for a membership purchased with a credit card send an e-mail to customerservice@kidssoup.com. Please do this at least 15 days before your membership expiration date to avoid an automatic charge.


Membership Account:

Question: I would like to change my account information, including my e-mail or password.

Answer: To change your account information click on Log in or My account and use the link corresponding to the information you want to change. Click on Log out when you are finished to protect your account information.

Forgot Password

Question: I forgot my password.

Answer: To request a new password click on Log in and then click on the "Forgot your password?" link.  An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your account with instructions for resetting your password.


Question: I requested a new password but didn’t hear back from you.

Answer: If you do not receive a new password in your e-mail, it could be that you misspelled your email address when you signed up, or your e-mail provider sent the e-mail to your spam or bulk folder. Please add kidssoup.com to your safe sender list. If you still do not receive e-mails from us, please contact us at: customerservice@kidssoup.com and we will be happy to update your account for you.

Forgot or changed e-mail account

Question: Don't remember which e-mail I used for my account.

Answer:  Please contact us at: customerservice@kidssoup.com by providing us with the name on the account.


Question: I am a newsletter subscriber, but I cannot log in to the member site.

Answer: To log in to our member site, you need to purchase a KidsSoup membership. Click here to view the different types of memberships available.


Please send any questions or concerns to customerservice@kidssoup.com, and we will respond promptly.