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Spring is in the air and it’s time for planting seeds. Our seed and sunflower theme contains an array of fun activities and lesson plans for a variety of popular children’s books. So dig and start planting the seeds of new knowledge.

Sunflower book suggestion for preschool and kindergarten:

The Sunflower Parable

The Sunflower Parable shares the story of Logan, a young gardener who hopes to grow sunflowers that reach all the way to heaven by summer's end. Side by side with his father, the wise farmer, Logan discovers the value of planting seeds, not only in the ground, but also in the hearts of his friends and neighbors.

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Books, rhymes, and songs are a perfect way for young children to learn about seeds, what plants need to grow, and which kinds of seeds we eat. Teach the letter S for Seeds and Sunflower, or B for Beans, and let children explore all kind of seeds in your preschool and kindergarten settings. Enjoy our collection of both fiction and non-fiction seed to plant books.

Little Bean Seeds
Adapted by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup, Inc.

Little bean seeds so small and round,
Are sleeping quietly under ground.
Down comes the rain, heavy then light,
Followed by the warm sun shining bright.
The little bean seeds wake up down below,
And push through the earth and grow, grow, grow.
Little green leaves are growing one by one,
And little flowers pop out to look at the sun.
The plants grow through all the summer heat,
And soon you'll have some yummy beans to eat.

Germinating bean time lapse video

Out In The Garden
(Tune: Down By the Station)
Original Author Unknown

Out in the garden, early in the springtime,
See the farmer planting seeds in a row.
Soon with some help from the sun and rain
Lots of lovely plants will grow, grow, grow.

I Put a Tiny Seed in the Dark, Dark Ground
(Tune: I'm A Little Teapot)
Original Author Unknown

I put a tiny seed in the dark, dark ground. (Pretend to put a seed in the ground.)
Out came the yellow sun, big and round. (Raise arms to make circle above head.)
Down came the cool rain, soft and slow. (Make rain falling from the sky with hands.)
Up came a little sprout, grow, grow, grow. (Use arm to mimic sprout growing with flower (hand) on top.)

A Little Seed Action Rhyme
Written by Mabel Watts

A little seed for me to sow. (Pretend to hold a tiny seed.)
A little earth to make it grow. (Bend over and touch the ground.)
A little hole, a little pat. (Pretend to dig a hole; plant seed; pat earth around seed.)
A little wish, and that is that. (Touch index finger to side of head; bring arms down and fold over chest.)
A little sun, a little shower. (Make a circle sun with arm; use fingers to create rain.)
A little while, and then--a flower! (Close eyes to pretend to sleep; cup hands around face like flower.)

Sid The Seed

Books about Seeds:

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! How a Seed Grows
-Out Science 1)
From Seed to Plant
The Tiny Seed
(The World of Eric Carle)
National Geographic
Readers: Seed to Plant
Oh Say Can You Seed?:
All About Flowering Plants
One Bean The Dandelion Seed Ten Seeds
Let's Go Nuts!:
Seeds We Eat
From Seed to Plant
(Rookie Read-About
From Seed to Sunflower
Sunflower House Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on
the Move
A Seed Is Sleepy
The Carrot Seed  The Magic School Bus
Plants Seeds: A Book
About How Living Things Grow
Planting Seeds
(Board Buddies)


Seeds are funny, funny things,
Some have stickers
Some have wings
Some are big
Some are small
Some are round and flat
Some are like a ball.
Some are hidden inside of fruit
Some in pods or underground roots.
Some seeds are foods
And good to eat,
Like corn or beans
Or nuts for a treat.

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