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KidsSoup recognizes that young children embrace many different learning styles. We believe that children learn best by doing, being fully engaged, and having fun. To match children's varying interests, abilities, and learning styles, Kidssoup has developed a multi-sensory approach to learning that promotes alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, book and print concepts, and vocabulary development. Our curriculum and activities are research driven and aligned to state and national standards. 

The ABC Twiggles Curriculum is designed to help your children acquire the important skills they need to get them ready for the next step—to learn how to read.

Preview all the resources for the letter A for Free

To get a feel for our materials for each letter of the alphabet, we offer you all the resources for the letter A for free. 

Each letter of the alphabet includes the following resources:

Meet the Letter

Meet the letter - letters of the alphabet puppet crafts and activities
Preschool Activities: 

Each letter of the alphabet has an associated puppet craft that can be used to help introduce the targeted letter, and which later can be placed in your ABC center for children to manipulate and play with. Accompanied by a scripted lesson that teaches the sound of the letter and words that begin with the letter, each letter is also connected to a Letter ChantLetter Poster, and printables, which when used together address the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities.

New Letter Exploration Mats and Emergent Reader Booklets

Letters of the alphabet activities and printables for preschool
Preschool Activities: 

Letter Related Words

These colorful printable posters highlight words that begin with the targeted letter.

Flashcards can be printed in either black and white or color. Use them to reinforce recognition of any newly learned letter.

Beginning Sound Cut and Paste Worksheet
Children have to find, cut out, and paste pictures that begin with the same beginning sound as the learned letter.

Interactive Story Book

Digital letter ebook for the letters of the alphabet
Preschool Activities: 

ABC Twiggles E-Books are the heart of the program. The bright colors and entertaining sound effects and music will make your children want to listen to or read these books over and over again. Children can choose to either listen to or read the story. In listening mode, each word is highlighted as it is read. In reading mode, children can read the story, or they can click the audio icon to hear the entire sentence or each word separately. Children can also play the Letter Game in which they find the targeted letter in the sentence.

See the Letter

In See the Letter, children use color and one-to-one correspondence to practice recognizing letters in isolation as well as in words. Each letter has puzzle worksheets, word wall cards, and a letter matching game.

Hear the Letter

Children learn the sound that each letter makes by listening to and repeating the Letter Chant, listening to and reading the Letter Booklet, singing a song that relates to each page of the booklet, and listening to a Tongue Twister that highlights the targeted letter.

Feel the Letter

Tactile learners learn best through hands-on experiences. In Feel the Letter, you'll find easy-to-make manipulatives that children can touch and feel to help reinforce letter-shape recognition.

Write the Letter

In Write the Letter, children develop pre-writing skills by tracing and writing letters, including both Block and D'Nealian.

K for king letter pre-writing skills printables for preschool
Preschool Activities: 

Letter Book and Storybook Printables

Print black and white or color versions of the letter book and/or storybook to use in your ABC center or send home with children to read to family members.

Taste the Letter
What better way to reinforce the alphabet than by eating it. In Taste the Letter, you'll find fun-to-eat and tasty recipes, each with a list of ingredients, materials, and directions for each letter of the alphabet.

Your kinesthetic learners will especially benefit from the letter-related movement activities, rhymes, and songs that you will find in this section. Children can get the wiggles out as they learn the letters of the alphabet.

Utilizing storybooks as a framework for providing highly stimulating experiences will help reinforce alphabetic concepts. Print-rich environments provide opportunities for children to see and use written language. In Literacy, you'll find letter-related theme and book suggestions with accompanying activities, such as crafts, recipes, and songs and rhymes.

Folder Game

Reinforce a newly learned targeted letter through playing an educational game. All you have to do is print and cut out the printables.

letters of the alphabet folder games and printables for preschool
Preschool Activities: 

Letter Craft

Reinforce a newly learned targeted letter through creating a fun craft with the letter. Each craft comes with step-by-step instructions and patterns.

letters of the alphabet letter craft and activities for preschool
Preschool Activities: 

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