Santa Fruit Pops Dessert

Ho Ho Ho! Have a jolly and laugh-filled holiday with this Santa on a Stick dessert. Make these little Santa Fruit Pops with your kids after dinner one night for a special treat.

You need:
Cake popsicle sticks or small skewers
Large marsmallow
Small marshmallow
Icing from a tube
Candy eyeballs
Red mini M&M

Preschool Activities: 

Note: These Santa Pops should be assembled within an hour of when you plan to eat them, because the bananas will get brown while being out in the air too long.

Cut banana in a small piece. Cut strawberry in two pieces one long and one short. Cut a slice of the large marshmallow.

Preschool Activities: 
To assemble, carefully push the popsicle stick through the banana piece leaving a inch or so on the top. Slide and add the large marshmallow piece followed by the strawberry hat piece to the top.  Last, slide the bottom strawberry piece from the other end up to the banana.
Preschool Activities: 
Use the icying to make the santa beard.
Preschool Activities: 
Use a little icing to attach the nose and the small marsmallow to the top of the hat. Add the candy eyes.
Preschool Activities: 
If you don't eat the Santa Pops right away stick them in the freezer for 15 min or so. They are delicious cold as well. 

Preschool Activities: 

Other versions of the Santa Snacks

Amy from made these cute Santa Party Popper

Layer mini marshmallow, strawberry, banana slice, and a grape on a small stick and you get Grinch Fruit Kabobs!


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