Pete the Cat Addition Activity

Learning addition and counting with our Pete the Cat math activity will make your kindergarten students "meow" for more.

Skills: Addition K.OA.1, counting, write numbers K.CC.3

What you need:
Pete the Cat Addition printables (KIdsSoup members only)
Addition Cards printables
Cat Whiskers Addition Recording Sheet
Different colored pipe cleaners
Blue play dough
Craft paper
Laminating sheets
Small containers

Pete the Cat Addition Activitiy and Fine Motor Skills

What you do:

Print Pete the Cat Face and Addition Cards and cut out. Glue the Pete the Cat face on a piece of craft paper and laminate for extra strength. Cut the pipe cleaners in to three pieces. Place the pipe cleaners and the play dough in small containers.

First, let children form two big balls out of the blue play dough and place them side by side below the nose.

Preschool Activities: 

Next, ask children to pick the top card from the pile of addition cards. Then, let them use pipe cleaners to match the number sentence.

Preschool Activities: 

Last, have children record their number sentence on the Cat Whiskers Addition recording sheet.

Preschool Activities: 

Variation for younger children. Write numbers 1-10 on the cards and let children place the matching number of whiskers on the cat.

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