Olympic Games Sight Words and Letters Fun

These easy-to-assemble Olympic Sport game boards and materials are a great way for children to practice reading sight words, naming letters, and finding the answers to math problems. Follow the simple directions to assemble a sight word version of the game, and then, adapt the board for other uses in a variety of subject areas for the duration of the Winter Olympics!

What you need:

Figure Skating and Hockey Game Board printables
Podium card printables
My Winning Sight Word Worksheet printables
Game pieces
Pennies or any other counters

Kindergarten Common Core State Standards:

Phonics & Word Recognition
K.RF.3c Read common high-frequency words by sight.

Sight Words: go, was, he, too, saw, the, and, you, is, who, saw, a, can, have, has, she, up, get, did, a, two

Print the My Winning Sight Words Worksheet printables. Laminate and cut out the Podium Cards. Review the sight words you are focusing on with your children. Let children choose a Figure Skating or Hockey Game Board. Provide each player with a Podium Card, a My Winning Sight Words Worksheet, a pencil, and 6 pennies.

Game instructions:
Taking turns, each player rolls the dice and moves the matching number of spaces on the Game Board. If he/she can read the word on the landing space, he/she can place one penny on a skate on his/her podium card. Then, he/she writes the word on his/her My Winning Sight Words Worksheet. The player closest to the START space with six sight words written on his/her worksheet wins the game.

With a marker, write letters on a blank Figure Skating or Hockey Game Board. For older children, you could write addition or subtraction problems on each space.

Tip: Laminate your blank game boards before you write letters, words, or math problems with a dry-erase marker on the spaces. That way you can erase them later and replace them with new words, etc.

Free Winter Olympics Sight Words Game Printables

Figure Skating Game Board Hockey Game Board
Podium card My Winning Sight Words Worksheet
Figure Skating Game Board blank

Hockey Game Board blank



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