Lady the Leprechaun Shapes Fun

Meet Lady the Leprechaun. Most of us have never heard of a female leprechaun and the stories we were told were all about, well, round short men with beards and pots of gold. We thought that girls make great leprechauns as well and created this puppet and shapes recognition activities featuring Lady the Leprechaun.

Lady the Leprechaun Puppet

Preschool Activities: 

Print printable and let children color the leprechaun. Then, glue on to a craft stick.

Lady the Leprechaun
by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup, Inc.

Lady the Leprechaun likes to have fun.
Lady the Leprechaun dances in the sun.
Lady the Leprechaun likes the color yellow.
Lady the Leprechaun is a cute fellow.
Lady the Leprechaun has a pot of gold.
Lady the Leprechaun is a fairy I was told.

Shapes Recognition Activities with Lady the Leprechaun

Print Lady the Leprechaun printable and cut out.

Cut large shapes (circle, rectangle, square, triangle) that are larger than Lady the Leprechaun out of craft paper. Review the different shapes with your children. 

Preschool Activities: 

Find Lady the Leprechaun Circle Game
Place the shapes in a row in the middle of a table or on the floor. To play, ask children to close their eyes.

Preschool Activities: 

Then, hide Lady the Leprechaun under a shape. Instruct children to open their eyes. Let children take turns calling out the name of a shape and lifting it up. If the Lady the Leprechaun is found let children say, "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

Preschool Activities: 

Small Group Game (2-3 players)
Place 8-10 gold coins or beans (spray painted gold) inside a small container. Place the shapes in the middle of the table. Taking turns each player gets to hide the leprechaun under a shape while the other children are turning away from the table. Each player get's one try to find the leprechaun by naming a shape and lifting it up. If the player finds the leprechaun, he/she gets a gold coin/bean. Continue until there are no more gold coins in the container. The player with the most gold coins wins the game. 

Preschool Activities: 

Free Lady the Leprechaun Color by Shape Worksheet

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