I for Iguana and Itch Activities

I is for iguana and itch. Show children a picture of an iguana and let them discribe the animals. Show children the cover of the book and read the title to children. Count the iguanas together. Encourage children to share with you what they think the story is all about. Read the book about the nine little iguanas that are sitting in the hot sun on a small island. To pass their time they are playing a rhyming game with each other. Iguanas and the letter i and number words one through nine are the focus of this Twiggle Book. 

Before Reading

Look at pictures of iguanas together and learn about the green iguana. 

During Reading

Open the Twiggle Book Nine Little Iguanas. Talk about the cover art. Let children predict and discuss what they think the book is about. Afterward, give your child a chance to read the book together with you or aloud to you.  Ask children if the know the name of the first letter of the word "iguana." Explain that iguana begins with the letter i and sounds like /i/ like igloo, iron, and iguana. Reread the book and click on the Quix (?) button on each page to let children find and click all lowercase and uppercase letter I in the sentence.

After Reading

Let children color the Iguana on the Island coloring page, write and draw to expand on the story, and practice writing the number words one through nine. For independent reading print out the printable version of the booklets. 

Language / Math

Nine Little Iguanas
by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup Inc.

Nine little Iguanas make me laugh. (Show nine fingers)
They jiggle and wiggle when they walk. (Wiggle body)
They grumble when they talk.
They nibble when they eat, 
and they scratch with their feet. (Scratch one leg with the feet.)

Nine little iguanas are dancing a jig (Wiggle all nine fingers.)
There comes one more iguana (Stretch the other thumb.)
and he is sooo big! (Spread hands far apart.)

I'm an Iguana Song and Video:

Arts and Crafts / Fine Motor Skills

You'll need:
Green, yellow, orange fingerpaint
Paper plate
Iguana coloring page


Place paint inside the paper plate. Let children use their fingers to paint the iguana. Encourage them to to try to stay inside the lines. 

Gross Motor Skills / Letter Ii

I for Iguana and Itch

Preschool Activities: 

You'll need: Sticky notes, black marker

Write the uppercase or lowercase letter i on the sticky notes (3 per child).

Show the letter Ii to children. Review the short letter i sounds as in iguana and itch. Discuss with children how the iguana uses his feet to scratch his head or body when it has an itch. Let children try to scratch themselves with one foot.

Let children sit on the floor. Hand out three sticky notes to each child and let them place them anywhere on their body.

Preschool Activities: 

Explain to children to pretend that they are iguanas and the sticky notes are places that are itchy. Instruct children to get on all fours and try to scratch off the sticky notes using only their feet. Note: That was the most hilarious thing I have ever watched them do!

Preschool Activities: 

Preschool Activities: 

After some fun tries, let them use their hands to scratch off the rest of the sticky notes. 

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