Foul Egg Game: Matching and Math Skills

Enjoy these fun and educational egg games with your children during Easter. Be careful not to pick the foul egg!

Foul Egg Pattern Matching Preschool and Kindergarten Easter Game

What you need:

Free Foul Egg Game printables
Heavy printing paper
Spray glue
Cereal box cardboard
Clear contact paper
21 empty plastic eggs

What you do:

Preschool Activities: 

Print game boards and game pieces and glue to cardboard. Cover with clear contact paper and cut out. Put a game piece in each of the 21 empty plastic eggs of the same color. Or if you are using multi-colored eggs, make two extra "foul eggs" and include them with the others. Close each egg and place them together in a basket.

Egg Matching Game Description: (4 Players)

Preschool Activities: 

Each player chooses a game board. Players take turns choosing and opening one egg at a time. If an egg pattern is revealed that matches an egg pattern on the player's game board, that player can place the game piece on his/her board.

Preschool Activities: 

If the player picks the foul egg, he/she has to return the foul egg and one of his/her eggs with an egg pattern. The goal of the game is to be the first to fill one's game board with patterned eggs. If using multi-colored eggs, explain that players need to discard each "foul egg" once it has been selected. 

Foul Egg Game with Addition or Subtraction Problems

Preschool Activities: 

For this version of the game, simply print the addition and/or subtraction game boards and game pieces. Place the number sentences inside the eggs. If a player's game board shows the number equal to the sum or remainder of the number sentence inside a selected egg, he/she covers that number on his/her game board with the matching number sentence egg.

Preschool Activities: 

The same "foul egg" rules apply.

Addition and Subtraction Egg Trays 

The materials used for the addition and/or subtraction Foul Egg Game can also be used to create trays for individual practice solving addition and subtraction problems. Simply place the eggs containing number sentences into a basket and provide counters (puff balls, oval beads, buttons, etc.). If you are setting up an addition tray, use two different colors or shapes for the counters. If you are setting up a subtraction tray, you will only need one type of counter. 

Addition Tray Sample

Preschool Activities: 

Explain that children choose one egg at a time and look inside for a number sentence to solve. Then, they solve the problem using the manipulatives provided. 

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