Birthday Cake Months, Numbers, Names, Writing Activity

My Birthday Month Preschool and Kindergarten Activity

What you need:

Birthday Cake printables
Birthday Cake and Candles Writing printable
Completed Puff Paint Birthday Cakes, one per child (see our Puff Paint Birthday Cake craft post)
Chart paper

What you do:

Use our Birthday Cake printables (members only) to review the months of the year with children. List the children's names below each cake to match their birthday months. 

Preschool Activities: 

As each month is discussed, have children give thumbs-up signals if their birthdays take place during that month. Let children share the ages they are now, and the ages they will turn on their next birthdays.

Birthday Cake Writing Activity

Make a copy of the Birthday Cake and Candles Writing printable for each child. Separate the candles from the writing certificates. Have children write the names of their birthday months in the space provided on the writing certificate. Then, instruct each child to color the correct number of candles to match his/her current age. Have children cut out these sets of candles and glue them to the indicated area on their writing pages. Discuss what happens when each child has their next birthday. How many years older will they be? Emphasize that on each birthday, each child adds one more to the number that tells their age. Have children color and cut out a second set of candles to represent the ages they will turn on their next birthdays. Have children glue these second sets of candles to the indicated area on their writing pages. 

Preschool Activities: 

Free Birthday Cake and Candles Writing Printable

Birthday Months Friends Names

Print the Birthday Chart and Birthday Cake printables (members only)  and write the name of each child or family member below their birthday months on the Birthday Chart. Transfer the same names to the birthday candles. 

Place the name candles in a small container. Let children read the month's name on each birthday cake and place the cakes in sequential order. Have them reference the Birthday Chart in order to correctly place the name candles on the cakes marked with the matching months.


preschool and kindergarten birthday months activity and craft
Preschool Activities: 

Let children count how many children have a birthday in each month. 


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