4th of July Game: Pin the Stars on Uncle Sam

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game for kids. This 4th of July get your kids dizzy with excitment while playing the game: "Pin the Stars on Uncle Sam." Gently spin them around three times and then let them try to pin the stars on.... his nose!

What you need:

Uncle Sam printable

Craft foam stars or card board stars (different colors for each player)

Poster-Tack or any reusable Adhesive 

Print the Uncle Sam printable and laminate, or cover with clear contact paper for extra strength. Add the Poster-Tac to the back of the stars. Attach the poster at eye level on a wall.

Game Play

Have the children line up in single file and hand out a star to each child. 

Blindfold the first child and gently spin him/her around three times.

Point the blindfolded child towards the Uncle Sam picture.

Encourage the child to place the star on Uncle Sam.

Once every child has had a turn, the child with the most points wins the game. 

Variation: For more fun ask children to try to pin the star on Uncle Sam's nose, eyes, etc.

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