Owls Preschool Activities, Crafts, Lessons, and Printables

Owls activities, crafts, lessons, games for preschool and kindergarten

Owls, Nocturnal Animals Preschool and kindergarten, activities, lessons, crafts, games, and printables.

This theme is a hoot and a half because it?s all about owls with a few forest activities on the side! Children count owls, add up owls, learn owl facts, define nocturnal and diurnal, dissect owl pellets, sing owl songs, and so much more by participating in cross-curricular activities and games that promote literacy, reinforce math concepts, develop vocabulary, and provide hands-on science experience.

Samples of our more than 80 owl preschool and kindergarten crafts, activities, crafts, games, songs, rhymes, coloring pages, and printables.

Themes and Projects

Forest Animals Lesson Ideas


Owl Lunch Bag Puppet
Owl on Branch Bulletin Board Art
Owl Headband

Activities and Lessons

Little Hoot - Nocturnal Animals
Owls Rhymes, Fingerplays, and Songs
Five Little Owls Felt Rhyme


Owl Additions
Owls in Trees Counting

Science and Exploration

Owl Facts
Sorting Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals
Dissecting Owl Pellets


Owl and Owlet Letter Matching
Owl Sight Words Hunt
Three-in-a-Row Animal Ending Sounds


Fall Leaves Small World Play Area
Owl Lacing
Owl Hunt Toss Game

Booklets and Other

Little Owl in the Tree Emergent Reader
Owl Word Wall
Nocturnal Animals Emergent Reader b/w


The Owl and the Pussy-Cat Poem
Little Owl What Do You See? Write
Owl Coloring Page
Free Owls Activities, Rhymes, Printables, and Owls Book Suggestions

Owl Facts

Get fun and interesting owl facts in an easy-to-read style from the San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes website.

San Diego Zoo Owls information and facts
Preschool Activities: 

Adopt an Owl Think about having the classroom or school adopt an owl at the National Wildlife Federation Adoption Center. Each adoption comes with a certificate and an 11 x 14 color poster of the type of owl adopted. Children can earn the money for the owl adoption via a fund raiser. For example, they could sell handmade owl art projects or "help the owls" badges and buttons to friends and family members. The adoption prices range from about $20.00 to $100.00.

Give a Hoot and Don't Pollute?

Woodsy Owl works for the United States Forest Service. His most famous motto is "Give a Hoot. Don't Pollute!" His most recent motto is "Lend a Hand. Care for the Land." Talk with children about Woodsy Owl's mottos and what they mean. Organize a clean-up walk around school or in a local natural area. Make sure children wash their hands and bring gloves for picking up litter. Get parent permission for each child before the activity. If a clean-up walk is not an option, invite Woodsy Owl to visit the classroom or school to talk about taking care of the earth. Find out more at the U.S. Forest Service

Free Owl Printables and Owl Coloring Pages
owl facts Owl Parts Coloring page Owl and Pussy-cat rhyme Owl and Pussy-cat poster and puzzle Owl snack idea
Owl Finger Rhyme:

The Owl
Original Author Unknown

An owl sat alone on the branch of a tree, (Use arm as tree branch and raise thumb for owl.)
And she was as quiet as quiet could be.
'Twas night and her eyes were wide open like this; (Circle eyes with fingers and look around.)
She looked all around, not a thing did she miss.
Some little birds perched on the branch of the tree, (Fingers of other hand fly onto tree branch.)
And sat there as quiet as quiet could be.
The solemn old owl said "whoo-whoo-whoo,"
And up jumped the birds and away they flew. (Wave hand away and flutter fingers behind back.)

Owls Activities and Games

Owl Exercises

Lead children in some movements and stretches using owl behaviors as a guide. Children can:

  1. Fly: by flapping their arms
  2. Look around: by turning their heads slowly from side to side
  3. Perch: by bending their knees and standing on their toes with their arms at their side
  4. Swoop: by sticking their arms out straight to each side and dipping their heads down and then back up from side to side

Ask children for other ideas they might have about owl behaviors that can be acted out as movement or stretching exercises. 


Owl Snack

Owl Faces Rice Cake

What you need:
Creamy peanut butter
Rice cake
Banana slices
Froot Loops
Cheese triangle
Plastic knife

What you do:

Spread peanut butter on the rice cake. Add banana circles for eyes. Add two raisins on the banana slices to finish off the eye. Add six froot loops above the banana slices for the eyebrow. Add one cheese triangle under the banana slices to form the beak. Eat and enjoy your owl snack!

Owl Books

The Barn Owl (Animal Lives)

The Barn Owls

Berkeley's Barn Owl Dance


Good-Night, Owl!
Little Owl's Night Owl Babies:  Owl Moon Owls


Little Hoot White Owl, Barn Owl National Geographic Readers: Owls  


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